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The user of this website is requested to read this announcement, before using this website. The current site, (excluding the third-party sites for which it provides links), is controlled by “VARVARESSOS S.A.”, a Company that has been formed and operates according to the laws of Greece. By accessing this site, the user agrees and accepts that the Greek laws will apply for all the matters that appear or are related to the use and the content of this site. The user also accepts the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Imathia concerning the matters in question.

Literary Property
Every copyright concerning text, images, sounds, software and any other material (in short “the Content”) of this site, belongs to “VARVARESSOS S.A.” or other third-party. The user can explore the current site and reproduce sections of it either by printing or copying to a local disk (download), and even distribute to others, but in every case for personal and informational purposes solely, and with the condition that in all reproductions the above statement of intellectual property is evident. It is forbidden explicitly to reproduce any section of the site for the purposes of selling or distributing in order to acquire a financial benefit, as well as to modify or incorporate it in any other work or publication, in hard copy or electronic form, including its reproduction in an other website. The present announcement does not imply any other license or right.

All trademarks used on the site (excluding the third-party sites for which it provides links), are the trademarks of “VARVARESSOS S.A.” or they have been used after a relevant permission. Without any restriction, these trademarks include the name of “VARVARESSOS S.A.”, the logo, and the names of its products. The use of any trademark that appears in this site without any special authorization is strictly forbidden.

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Any reference to products or services on this site does not form any sale offer or encouragement for any purchase of these products or services. The provision of a specialist’s advice is recommended regarding the offer and the appropriateness of any product or service and always prior to its purchase.

All information on this site has been included in good faith and can be used solely for informational purposes. The user should not use this site for the provision of any special advice. “VARVARESSOS S.A.” and its affiliated parts are not liable for any loss, damage or expense caused to the user from his/her connection or use of this site or any other site, including, without any restriction, the indirect or accidental damage. “VARVARESSOS S.A.” has the right to modify or improve this site and this legal notice at any time and without prior notice.

Websites of third parties
In various sections of the site, automatic links with other Internet sites may exist, which are related with a specific subject of the current site. This does not necessary imply that “VARVARESSOS S.A.” is indispensably connected with any of these sites or their owners. Although the Company’s aim is to provide interesting sites for the user, neither the Company, or anyone of its directors, employees or representatives carry any form of responsibility for the sites in question or their content.

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The Company has taken all precautionary measures concerning the protection of personal data that users may input in various sections of the site. Any personal data the user sends to the site by electronic mail or otherwise will be used by “VARVARESSOS S.A.” in accordance with the regulations of law (EU) 2016/679 (General Data Protection Regulation) concerning the protection of personal information. The only information that is assembled and stored during the ordinary use of the current site is the computer address from which the user visited the site, the browser type and version that has been used, the pages in which the user visited and the corresponding date and time. This gathered information is used for purposes of auditing and further site development. This particular use does not contribute to the concentration or storage of any personally recognizable information. Any other communication or material you send to the site, such as questions, comments, suggestions or the like, will be treated as non-confidential and non-proprietary and “VARVARESSOS S.A.” may use them in any manner it chooses. In case where the user wishes to preserve the confidentiality of the information mentioned above, he/she must notify the Company and the Company will act accordingly.

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